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TOTD – How Big is Your Bitter End?!

Thought of the Day – How Big is Your Bitter End?!

by Senator Brett

Oftentimes, I find it odd when someone tells me that they will be with me until the bitter end… because, let’s be honest… they, obviously, don’t know exactly how bitter my end is actually going to be. It’s going to be Continue reading


The Great Wolf Hunt of 2012!

Well, this is the beginning of a new category for me. Well, let me start over… this is the beginning of me posting entries on activities that I have been doing for years. Yeah, that is actually more accurate.

Last night, while not being able to sleep for the 100,00th time I happened across a posting on my Facebook Feed concerning the hunting of wolves. Now, for those that don’t know… I’m a huge wolf fan. Also, I am huge fan of sarcastic comments. To be honest if I could find a sarcastic wolf I would probably devote my life to finding a way for it to live forever.

Most of the comments for the photo were against the hunting of wolves. However, there were a few people defending the practice. And, while I know that I don’t know everything about the subject, I decided that it was posted on Facebook… so that means that knowledge Continue reading