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TOTD – God is in me… Kinda?!

Thought of the Day – God is in me… Kinda?!

by Senator Brett

They say that God is Love. I love gummy bears. Therefore, the more gummy bears in me… Continue reading

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I am going to tell you a short love story. Well… it’s kinda a love story.

Why? Because everyone needs a short love story in their life… if for no other reason to remind themselves that this life might be temporal, even cruel at times… but, it can also be earth-shattering beautiful. Continue reading

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You Got Some Sugar?!

Thought of the Day – You Got Some Sugar

by Senator Brett

They say that if Life gives you lemons that you should make lemonade… what they fail to tell you is that unless Life also happens to hand you some sugar, that lemonade is gonna suck!

Have a good one, folks. And, as always, remember that it’s not the sudden stop at the end of the fall that will get you… it’s the lemonade “Jonestown” style that will kick your ass!

Your Friendly Senator

Oh, Lemon!

Oh, Lemon!