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The Great Wolf Hunt of 2012!


Well, this is the beginning of a new category for me. Well, let me start over… this is the beginning of me posting entries on activities that I have been doing for years. Yeah, that is actually more accurate.

Last night, while not being able to sleep for the 100,00th time I happened across a posting on my Facebook Feed concerning the hunting of wolves. Now, for those that don’t know… I’m a huge wolf fan. Also, I am huge fan of sarcastic comments. To be honest if I could find a sarcastic wolf I would probably devote my life to finding a way for it to live forever.

Most of the comments for the photo were against the hunting of wolves. However, there were a few people defending the practice. And, while I know that I don’t know everything about the subject, I decided that it was posted on Facebook… so that means that knowledge of the subject matter should have nothing to do with me having an opinion and screaming it out as if it were Fact and not merely an impression that I have, made of little knowledge but a lot of bravado.

So, here is a short conversation that I had with an individual on the fine art of hunting animals that have already been regulated to a small area of their previous habitat. Also, here is the nifty picture that was taken of a super macho man who, most likely, fought this wolf with his bare hands or make-shift claws and teeth… you know, to make it a fair fight and prove that he is man enough to take on a wolf without hiding behind something like a gun.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know that the other individual in this conversation wasn’t exactly advocating the hunting of wolves; however, it was more funny to me if I pretended he was doing so. I never said I had journalistic integrity… I have none, well hardly any… I am fairly certain that once I lose all sense of journalistic integrity that Fox & Friends will hire me immediately.

This guy should try out for the Avengers!

During the comments several of the people supporting the hunts mentioned that wolves are wandering into places where people are living and that the hunting of them is for the safety of children and so that the human population can live safely in their homes that just happen to be where wolves have lived for… uh… well… since the beginning of recorded time.

  • Mark Brett I just want to add… uh… Mexicans are moving into our living territories… AND in packs… whole used Chevy 80’s multi-colored van packs!!! How many am I allowed to hunt so that we can thin out the breed? Also, where does one go to purchase tags for Mexican hunts… Wal-Mart… the RNC? 🙂 Kidding, kidding!!! Seriously, though… from what I’ve read the wolf hunting seems to be more about oil and money than it does about farmers and ranchers… much more so.
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  • Allen Butner Mark, you gotta upgrade your reading. No disrespect but it has nothing to do with oil.
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  • Mark Brett Allen, I read it on… but it is a Canadian web site… so you know it’s socialist… and from the devil.
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  • Allen Butner Sorry. Has nothing to do with oil. The wolf arial hunting is about predator control for the benefit of other predators. They claim it is for subsistence hunting. If the wolves and bear kill to many noise and caribou calves then the subsistence hunter won’t have as good a chance. So nice of the govt to help out like that! Or it could be that. They still let bubba whose always dreamt of hunting big game in ak and is willing to pay $20k to do it. He is allowed to trophy hunt in the same areas that are being rescued for the subsistence hunter. He gets his picture with his kill, a new head on his wall and 95 % of the time the meat accidentally spoils before he gets around to dealing with it. Oops. But the guide makes big bucks. The state makes big bucks. The closest tie to oil is many of the oil execs come on big game hunts.
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  • Dolores Forbes im with u allen its not a thrill to soot an animal but whe. you start having yoyr pets eaten or worry about your kids its time for action. city dwellers dont get it .
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  • Rick Flak Build a fence
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  • Mark Brett I upgraded my reading about wolves, as you suggested earlier. I decided to go with proven historical writers so I began with Rudyard Kipling. After reading the Cliff’s Notes of his The Jungle Book I sent a quick question email to Raksha, the adoptive wolf mother of Mowgli, and she was kind enough to respond.
    Here is what she wrote:
    “Mark, thank you so much for your concern about the welfare of us wolves. It really warms our den when the outside world reaches out to us. Yes, that Allen fellow is correct… it has nothing to do with oil or money and all wolf hunts are intended to help the environment, especially our environment. I cannot count the times that I have been hanging out at our latest moose kill (which is really rare, as we are wolves in India and the number of moose in the area has greatly diminished due to the sudden rise of tech support jobs) and I have thought to myself, ‘I could do without a few of these a-holes eating my food!.’ Also, I am afraid that if some of us don’t meet our end we won’t ever reach that ‘extinct’ status that we had been gunning (no pun intended!) for all this time. Please, keep the wolf hunts up as I am sure they are as helpful to your species as they are to mine. Also, if you come in contact with Mowgli can you, please, ask him to get on Face Time? You would think that as an honorary wolf that he would have more of a sense of family… and also a better memory!
    Your Best Wolf Friend Forever,
    I honestly can’t think of a better source for information on wolves. She also gave me a killer (pun intended) recipe for Monkey in Curry, but I think she only intended that for me. If you don’t mind I will respond to her, letting her know that you have the wolf issue well under control. Also, I will ask if I can share the monkey recipe with you, as I am sure you will love it. Personally, I think the recipe would be better if it included meat from a silver-back gorilla… or a white rhino, but from what I can tell it’s mostly just chimpanzee meat.
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I did not hear back from Allen after that last comment. My best guess is that he cannot respond because he is reading The Jungle Book.

Have a good one, folks. And remember, as always… it’s not the sudden stop at the end of a fall that gets you… it’s the pointy metal thing shot from a 45.70 Winchester rifle with a Luepold 2.5×8 36mm scope that usually does it… well, that is if you happen to be a wolf.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about hunting wolves… or Mexicans… or both. 🙂

Your Friendly Senator

Here is your music for the day: “Everybody Wants” by Paddy Casey

Alaskan Timber Wolf… not shot.

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11 thoughts on “The Great Wolf Hunt of 2012!

  1. I am so upset about the wolf hunting. I own a wolf-hybrid now I know its not the same, but she is 65% and she is the most loving animal you will ever meet, I think that it’s terrible that they are hunting them. Just terrible, Glad you stuck up for them 🙂

    • I had a pet wolf once… that creature was the most loving thing ever. Yes, I fed her a lot of red meat… because I wanted her to be wolf, but she was family. She loved kids, loved playing, was just the best. The only problem I ever had with her was the howling at night when I wanted to sleep. But, she was the kindest, sweetest, most protective animal of all time.

  2. Sheena… I know… I know… I am a dork… I named her as the most powerful female ever! :)… her thing was to howl until I came out… then I would sit in the swing and she would put her chin on my knee and I would pet her head and ears. I felt kinda bad sometimes… because I wanted her to be at home in the wild, where she belonged… but I also knew it wasn’t safe. It really sucked.

  3. Er, we don’t have wolves, and I’d be frightened, some people will kill anything.
    Humans? Maybe. Saw a sign once in a very busy area in Paris.
    They call it the Tourist season. Does that mean we can shoot them?
    Not sure it was entirely flippant.

  4. I think you are allowed to hunt Americans in Great Britian… at least that’s what my mother always told me when she would go and leave me here.

  5. is that an actual dead wolf? they’re massive… so does this make you a “yiff” if you’re that into wolves ? 🙂 Just curious

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