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TOTD – You Need Pics of Sailors?!

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Thought of the Day

by Senator Brett

One of the guilty pleasures that I share with my niece is watching the show “Forensic Files.” Yes, I know, we are nerds! Like myself, my niece likes to find humor in even the most odd situations… like when we are watching “Forensic Files.” So, last night, while watching a marathon of the show we noticed that there sure are a lot of cases that involve, as they so often put it in dialogue… “traces of semen” and it occurred to me that it would be hilarious if they showed a detective come out and say, “We found traces of semen” and then he held up a white piece of paper that had sketches of sailors on it.

Yes, we laughed and laughed and brought it up every time one of the shows said that line. Like I said… we are nerds.

In a not so nerdy thought… it’s nice that my niece made me cinnamon toast earlier; however, it’s kinda bittersweet when I realize that she’s now old enough to make me something to eat rather than the other way around. 😦

Your Friendly Senator

"Traces of Seamen!"

“Traces of Seamen!”

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