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TOTD – Is The Discovery Channel Stealing My Life?!

Thought of the Day – Is The Discovery Channel Stealing My Life?!

by Senator Brett

Everyone needs to send me their requests for shiny new things because I am about to be god-awful, mother-lickin’ filthy rich! I’ve contacted an attorney and Continue reading


TOTD – You Keep Them For Yourself?!

Thought of the Day – You Keep Them For Yourself?

by Senator Brett

There’s just something about the television show “Hoarders.” I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but basically it’s a tragic series that examines the sad lives of sad people who live in filth and squalor because of their refusal to throw things away and keep everything they lay their hands to in their even sadder homes.

But… there’s just something about that show. I have the complete series… every single one of them. Continue reading