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TOTD – History is in the Eye of the Beholder?!

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Though of the Day – History is in the Eye of the Beholder?!

by Senator Brett 

For those of you that don’t know… I am a pretty big fan of The History Channel. However, the other day I was watching The History Channel 2 and I kept seeing a trailer for one of their upcoming shows. In the advertisement the narrator says, “No one survived Custer’s Last Stand”… which made me think…

“Uh… I’m pretty sure that the Sioux Indians would beg to differ!” From what I can remember… A LOT of those guys survived Custer’s  Last Stand! As a matter of fact, I’m certain of it.  So, saying that no one survived it is somewhat misleading.

But, it also got me to thinking… if I were to be totally honest with myself… I don’t think I would have made a very good Sioux Indian warrior. I know for a fact that I would not have been invited on the next Arapaho war party. Why? Because if I had been at the Battle of Little Bighorn, and I lived to tell about it, then I would have made a t-shirt that said, “I survived Custer’s Last Stand and all I got was this crappy t-shirt… and a few scalps!”

I’m just kidding… I never would have survived the battle because I would have been too busy not fighting and asking all the other braves, “If we win this thing do you think we’re gonna get some fire water? Hey, what’s the deal with the chief and all those feathers? He does know that it makes him easier to see, right?”

So, anyway, my point is that there were people that survived Custer’s Last Stand… it just might not have been the people that you wanted, Mr. The History Channel 2 Narration Guy!

Have a good one, people… and, as always, remember that it’s not the sudden stop at the end that gets you… it’s the white people with their diseases and lust for land and the rape of the environment that does… well, that is if you happen to be Sioux.

Your Friendly Senator

Here is your music for the day: “Fair” by Remy Zero. I loved these guys and wish they would have made it big enough to stick together. Their music was/is just great. If you haven’t checked out their stuff, do yourself a favor and do so.

And, here is your art of the day. I just love this painting… so simple… but so good.

“A Pair of Shoes” – Van Gogh

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