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TOTD – The Question of The Eternal Sign?!

Thought of the Day – The Question of The Eternal Sign?!

by Senator Brett

The other night I was looking through some news articles online and I noticed a story on the Westboro Baptist Church and how its members (a.k.a. nutjobs) will protest military funerals with signs that read, “God Hates Fags” or “Adulterers, Sodomites and Heathens will burn in hell!”… and it got me to thinking…

How come we never see protests outside of a Christian function by atheists? While the Westboro Baptist Church is definitely an anomaly of the Christina faith, their stance on protesting is not original by any means. Continue reading

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TOTD – Sound Financial Advise

TOTD – Sound Financial Advise

by Senator Brett

Today I noticed an eHarmony commercial print ad that simply said, “Invest in yourself!”… and it got me to thinking…

Look, I’m no financial wizard (I’ve sent several checks to Nigerian princes who needed my help to get to their vast fortunes. I’m still waiting to hear back from them!), but even I know that it’s not wise to invest in a stock that is dropping faster than a Kardashian’s panties at an Continue reading