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TOTD – Where Are You Going With That Bottle?!

Thought of the Day – Where Are You Going With That Bottle?!

by Senator Brett

The other night I noticed a commercial on television for a new product from the Pernod Ricard Company for a new line in their popular rum products called “Malibu Red” Continue reading


TOTD – Does He Love You?!

Per my normal pattern… I apologize to anyone this offends. I would love to come up with less offensive thoughts… but, my mind just won’t work them out.

Thought of the Day – Does He Love You?!

by Senator Brett

A LONG while back, a friend and I were at Bennigan’s for a late night snack, a couple of drinks and to watch a basketball game. All of the sudden we heard people singing “Happy Birthday” across the bar. We look across and there is this couple sitting at one of the bar tables… and the waiters were giving the girl a cake and singing to her. My friend, being a typical Southern girl, said, Continue reading

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TOTD – Alone Much?

I hope you all realize that unless I point out otherwise… all the circumstances mentioned in the TOTD’s are made up just so I can get to the random thought in my head. Most of these instances did not happen, but the idea makes more sense when I put it into a practical situation. I would never be this mean… probably… unless whiskey was involved.

Thought of the Day
by Senator Brett

The other night I was out at a bar and met this girl named Heather. After a few drinks she started talking about her travels abroad. She said that we, here in America, are not nearly as cultured and advanced as other countries. She mentioned that in Italian her name means, “beautiful flower”… to which I quickly replied, Continue reading