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TOTD – Mac, The Knife in my Back?!

Thought of the Day – Mac, The Knife in my Back?!

by Senator Brett

For years I used my Macbook Pro without incident, and then recently, through my own mistakes, it is well “under the weather.” So, as a temporary computer solution I am now back to using a PC laptop. And… I hate it! I do. I appreciate that I have one, but all it really does is make me miss my Mac. So, it got me to thinking… Continue reading

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TOTD – “011011001” in Spanish, Of Course?!

Disclaimer: I’m Mexican… so I’m allowed to say whatever I want about my own people!

Thought of the Day – “011011001” in Spanish, Of Course?!

by Senator Brett

I’ve noticed that I rarely can wait for a movie or album to be released on their scheduled dates. Oftentimes, I find myself watching the movie, or listening to the album, from online site. The other day I was Continue reading