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TOTD – Give me a “C”… It’s For “Church!”

Okay, so this is an old TOTD…. from a long time ago, as you are probably able to deduce by the sports references I make. I am posting it on here because A) this blog is new so this TOTD is new to you, and B) I have been busy this morning therefore I do not have time to think of new thoughts. I can barely keep up with my old ones!

Thought of the Day – Give me a “C”… It’s For “Church!”

by Senator Brett

If God meant for us to all go to church every week… then why did He put football on Sundays? And if God intended for us to all get married, settle down, and stay faithful to one person for the rest of our lives… Continue reading

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TOTD – Made in My Head!

Thought of the Day – Made in My Head!

by Senator Brett

I think it would be funny if when people in China buy toys and little nicknacks, when they get home and turn over their purchase… there would be a little sticker on the bottom that says, “Probably made by you” or “Made next door” or “You didn’t take this home from the factory, did you?!”

Anyway, have a good one, folks.

Your Friendly Senator

P.S. This isn’t meant to be racist… I got the idea from turning over about five things that I own and seeing the sticker, “Made in China” on all of them.