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The Cave Part I (Excerpt from Children’s Book)

This is an excerpt from the children’s book that I’m working on, from time-to-time. Hope you enjoy. Again, I don’t edit or proof-read so there will be mistakes. Just comment and let me know. šŸ™‚ Also, this is mid-book… so just keep that in mind. The book doesn’t begin this way.Ā 

-Senator Brett

The Cave Part I

They went hand-in-hand (or in some cases, hand-in-hoof) further down into the cave until it got so dark that Tessa and Levi could not see anything at all. ā€œIā€™m scared,ā€ whispered Levi.

ā€œI am, too,ā€ Tessa whispered back. They took another few careful steps before Continue reading