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TOTD – It’s The Thought That Counts!

Thought of the Day – It’s the Thought That Counts

by Senator Brett

They are those who say, “You get what you give”, which I believe to be true… Continue reading

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Your Introductory TOTD’s

Since this, I guess, will be the first official TOTD I thought I’d be extra special nice and give you two. Enjoy!

Thought of the Day – Who are You Wearing… and, From When?

by Senator BrettĀ 

I think it’s odd when people that are close to me see me in a new shirt and ask, “Hey, when’d you get that?” They obviously know it is a new shirt. That’s why they are noticing. So, really… what’s the real question? I think it’s more, “Hey, when did you go shopping and not tell me?” or “I thought we did everything together!”

So, in those situations I like to reply with, Continue reading