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For A Few Dollars At High Noon?!

First of all, this is NOT a political post, at all. So, before anyone goes jumping up and down for thinking this is an attack on their political stance, or anyone’s political stance, stop… take a deep breath… and understand the words you are reading!

Now, on to the big tent show…

For A Few Dollars At High Noon?!

by Senator Brett

Over the last few days much has been made about Clint Eastwood’s wandering, sometimes incoherent, speech at the Republican National Convention. As far as speeches go, it was not a shining moment. It was sad, really. And a lot of people have taken their shots at Clint over this entertainment faux pas.

I, however, will not.

I will direct my attention to the people to whom it should be directed… his publicist and manager. So, here goes… Continue reading


TOTD – Don’t Forget Me!

Okay, before you read any further, please, regard this brief disclaimer…

Disclaimer: I know that what I am about to talk about is a horrible disease that effects the lives of many. And, I also know that it is a terrible thing to see someone that you love struggle through this heart-breaking illness. I know that. I have seen it firsthand several times. But I also know that if you don’t stop every once in a while to look for the Humor in even the sad things in life… then this world has a way of swallowing you whole. So, if what I’m about to say offends anyone… I sincerely apologize. But I also hope that there are some that might see the laughter that can sometimes be found on the other side of all the sh*t that we will never of be able to make sense of… like terrible diseases. 

Thought of the Day – Don’t Forget Me!

by Senator Brett

Last night I found myself thinking that I should start up an internet dating service for people with Alzheimer’s Disease. I’d call it Continue reading