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TOTD – And You Think You Have Commitment Issues?!

Thought of the Day – And You Think You Have Commitment Issues?!

by Senator Brett

People often tell me that I have commitment issues and I’m beginning to think that they might be on to something. The other day Continue reading

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TOTD – My Special Purpose?!

Thought of the Day – My Special Purpose?!

by Senator Brett

A friend of mine told me that if I read Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Life” that I would better understand what God has for me in this world and why I am here. However, one of the first things that I read in the book was the chapter entitled “You Are Not an Accident”… which I know is false because Continue reading

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TOTD – My Adoption Dilemma!

Thought of the Day – My Adoption Dilemma!

by Senator Brett

The other day I did my civic duty and adopted a highway… however, as a Christian, Continue reading


On A Tuesday

For those of you that do not know… I am adopted. I was adopted at the age of four by a family who loved me even before my biological mom felt the need to start her life over. This same family also tried to adopt my younger brother, Rene; however, due to extreme circumstances and quite a few misunderstandings, the state would not allow it. Continue reading