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Why These Olympics Are The Most Important Olympics in American History

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Why These Olympics Are The Most Important Olympics Ever For America
by Senator Brett

I love the Olympics. Always have. Always will. When I was a kid I thought that maybe one day I would be in the Olympics as a sprinter, or maybe a soccer player. As a kid I was pretty dumb. And, as an adult, I’m still pretty dumb… but for entirely different reasons.

But, as dumb as I may be, I sincerely believe that these Summer Games are the most important for our country in the history of the Olympics. And here’s why…

We are a truly divided nation. Truly, aggressively, staunchly divided. We are split down our center in our ideas of social issues, political affiliations, lifestyle choices and religious beliefs. We yell and scream at people that don’t agree with what we think is right. We get into fights at rallies and punch protesters in the face. We get on social media and say terrible things to other human beings, merely because they think differently than we do on issues like: who should lead our country, abortion, gay rights, who God is, whether or not we should take in refugees who are fleeing a terror that we know nothing of, racism, and what bathroom a person should, or should not, use. We stop acknowledging people, friends and family alike, simply because they don’t agree with us on some of these issues.

The last time our country was this divided was in 1861 and it led to a war that pitted brother against brother, fathers against sons, neighbors against neighbors; but, more importantly, countrymen against countrymen. It led to Gettysburg, where roughly 50,000 Americans died over the span of three days. It led to a march to the ocean that burned everything in its path, women and children included. It led to the darkest hours of our nation’s history… and to the senseless death of a President.

And, yet here we are again. This divided. This so separated by political and social issue ideologies that it appears that we are once again forgetting that we are “countrymen and countrywomen” from the same country, from the same sand and earth, from the same flag. Our political rhetoric, for the most part, is no longer just simple words, but rather sincere and open vitriol. For the lack of a better term… simply put, “We hate.”

But, over the last seven days we have come together as one nation, one group of people. We have gathered in friend’s and neighbor’s homes to watch these Games together. We have stumbled in-and-out of bars for a night of true camaraderie, with people that we don’t even know, just so we can share these moments of time, together. We have huddled in our living rooms and kitchens with family, gathered around a television set, waiting and hoping for the best from those that represent us, that represent our flag, our country.

And, we’ve done it all to have faith in a little girl from Spring, TX to show the world that she can, literally, do things that defy gravity. We have come together to cheer on a nineteen-year-old swimmer as she shattered the competition… and a few records along the way. And, she did it all with a smile so big that you could drive a dump truck through it. We have hugged total strangers while watching history being made over-and-over again as Phelps took his final turn in the pool, and climbed out of the water one last time… as a living legend.

And, that is why these Olympics are the most important in American history participation. Because, if there is one thing our nation truly and desperately needs right now… it is to have something, anything, that we can all agree on, something that brings us together.

I know it won’t last. And, yes, I do know that even in the midst of us coming together as one, to root on our men and women at the Games, we still are genuinely divided on, well, everything. But, I do earnestly believe that this small reprieve in our vivisection and our maliciousness is vital. It is vastly important right now. We are getting lost in our way. And, maybe, just maybe, this coming together over something as simple as Sport will help us one day find our way back home, back to the days where we could think differently than one another and yet still remember that we are neighbors, we are family, we are countrymen and countrywomen, and… we are, without a doubt or hesitation, The United States of America.


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