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Possibly Offensive, But Sadly True, TOTD

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Well, let’s ruffle some feathers… 🙂

Possibly Offensive, But Sadly True, TOTD

by Senator Brett

This whole Eric Garner grand jury decision has really polarized our social collective. And, while I normally tend to observe and point out the negative side of things I think it’s kinda sad that no one in the media, no one commenting on Facebook and none of my family and friends happen to be pointing out the lone good outcome of this questionable decision. No one has pointed out how this particular decision has helped some people by uniting them in their cause.

And, you may be asking yourself, “Who did this decision help?” Well, that’s easy… the law enforcement officers in Cut-N-Shoot, Texas; Vidor, Texas and all of Alabama and Mississippi. Because of this decision they can all feel better about their tactics and practices. And, to make it even better, now they can all say, without sarcasm for the first time ever, “Hey, it ain’t just us no more!”

I’ve always been told that I need to look for the “silver lining” in things. Well, I think I’ve found it. You’re welcome, over-aggressive-people-of-authority. You’re very welcome. (Please, don’t arrest and/or kill me for speaking my mind.)

Your Friendly Senator

P.S. My favorite part of the Eric Garner video is when the cop tells the guy videotaping that he needs to back up because they are trying to give the guy some “air” while he and several others that aren’t doing anything helpful at all are huddled around the body. Now, I’m not Professor of Air Intake Tactics, but I’m pretty sure that they guy standing further away poses less threat to the actual flow of air than the guy standing and leaning over the actual guy. It’s just a theory. I’ll have to run some tests, I guess.

The truth shall set you free... some of the time.

The truth shall set you free… some of the time.

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