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For August: With Love and Suspense

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Disclaimer: as always, no proofing or editing. My personality is not condusive  to such things. I hope you enjoy it as you read along. Fair winds and following seas. 🙂


For August: With Love and Suspense

by Senator Brett

The Clamor Amongst The Wood

There once was a beautiful little girl who had a pony that she loved very much. And, one day while out on a ride she entered a wood that she had never been to. She had only ridden a short while when the trees became so thick, so thick that they blot out the sky and it was dark and very scary.

“I should turn around,” she thought to herself, but when she urged her pony around she realized that she did not know which way to go at all. “Oh no, I’m lost in a scary wood!” exclaimed the girl out loud. “Whatever shall I do?!”

And, that’s when she heard a noise coming through the trees.

“I’m lost in a strange wood and something is coming our way!” thought the little girl. “I must find a place to hide!”

She dug her heels into her pony’s side and turned them away from the sound of the approaching noise coming through the trees. Her pony clodded forward as quietly as the little girl could keep it. “Hush, Breann,” whispered the little girl as she leaned forward towards the pony’s ear. We must be quiet. We don’t know what’s out there.”

They continued on away from the noise, but even as they moved the sound seemed to be getting closer and closer. “I sure hope that we find someplace to hide soon. I don’t want to know what is making all that noise behind us, or maybe I do. I don’t know yet.” thought the little girl to herself. As luck would have it, they soon happened upon a clearing, and in the middle of that clearing stood what looked like an old abandoned barn that did not seem as if it belonged in the middle of a clearing in the middle of a strange wood. “Why, that seems odd,” puzzled the little girl. And, then out loud to her pony she said, “Perhaps we should hide in that old abandoned barn, Breann.”

She spurred the pony faster across the clearing towards the barn, and that is when another thought struck the little girl as they rode, “What if whatever is behind us knows about the barn and is making us go towards us to trap us there. Or, maybe whatever is behind us doesn’t even know about the barn, but if it knows it is following us, then this might be the very first place it would look for us since it seems most likely that we would try and hide here. Perhaps it is better if we hide on the other side of the clearing in the woods so as to hope to catch sight of whatever is following us.”

And, with that final thought the little girl made her decision. They would hide in the woods on the side of the clearing and they would find out what is was, exactly, that was making such a noise in such a strange wood. They quickly passed the barn and then turned right as to make it to the right edge of the clearing so they would have a better view of whatever came out of the woods after them. They soon reached the safety of the trees and the little girl pulled the pony up short when she thought they were hidden well enough as to not be seen. Then they turned, gazed out from among the trees at the very spot where they had emerged earlier, and they waited.

(While they wait, I guess it’s about as good as any time to tell you a little more about the little girl and her pony.

First of all, I’ve already told you that the little girl was beautiful, but I did not tell you that she was Princess Anel Jot Sky, of the noble country of Appalapachia, and as she hadn’t any siblings, she was next in line to be queen of all the country and all of it’s providences. She was only nine-and-a-half years old, but due to the teachings and lessons given to her by her strong and wise mother -who was almost… almost… as equally beautiful- she was very mature for her age and very independent, often riding off on her beloved pony by herself, as she had done today.

As for the pony, well, it was a chestnut pony with a white stripe sliding down it’s nose and with little white bands of hair at it’s hooves. It was a gentle pony, specially chosen by the castle’s stable master for the princess because he had believed that they would be a perfect match. He was right. The princess and the pony had immediately bonded and had been best of friends from their very first meeting. And, as you might have deduced from earlier writings, the pony had a lovely name, the name of Breann.)

It was only a matter of minutes before a figure emerged from the woods at the exact same spot that they had emerged from just a short time ago. Princess Anel squinted her eyes towards the figure to better see it, came to a pause of breath and then gasped, “It can’t be!”

(More to come… but we will save that for later.)


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I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

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