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TOTD – Fair is Fair is Fair, Right?!

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And, this one goes out to all the lovely ladies in the audience… 

Thought of the Day – Fair is Fair is Fair, Right?!

by Senator Brett

This past weekend I spent a lot of time with three little girls that all live together and that, for the most part, get along very well. Or, so it seems.

After this weekend I can honestly say that the most popular statement that ever comes out of the mouth of a little girl, who is with other little girls, is, in fact… wait for it… “THAT’S NOT FAIR!” Seriously, it doesn’t matter how close they are, or if they love each other or not, nothing is “fair.” They can, literally, hold hands and laugh together and then two minutes later something is truly “unfair” and the “whole world is coming to an end!” It can games they play, cokes that are bought for them, peanut-butter crackers… whatever… something, somehow, to them personally, is unjust and death would be a better option than live another minute in a world where another little girl has, or is doing, something that they want.

It’ scary as hell.

But, it got me to thinking… when does it ever stop?!

Because, trust me, I’ve been around a lot of women who love other women (And, I’m not talking about “love” in the “cool” way that I have in my mind.), but all it takes is a man, or money, or purse, or shoes, or job… and then all of the sudden it’s, “That’s not fair!” It’s so bad that I sincerely believe that somewhere, right now, there’s a Jewish woman who loves a non-Jewish woman, but as soon as brunch is served it becomes, “That bitch gets to eat bacon! That’s not fair!”

Anyway, ladies, y’all have a good one. And, as always, remember… it’s not the sudden stop at the end of the fall that will get you… it’s when that whore Amanda from accounting gets the promotion that you SO had coming to you that will send you off on a shooting spree!

Your Friendly Senator


Author: senatorbrett

I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

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