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I am going to tell you a short love story. Well… it’s kinda a love story.

Why? Because everyone needs a short love story in their life… if for no other reason to remind themselves that this life might be temporal, even cruel at times… but, it can also be earth-shattering beautiful.

She Wore a Daisy in Her Hat

I was standing in the queue of the lunch line on the first day of college. And, I glanced behind me and saw this girl, and she was wearing this hat (I love girls in hats) and she had a daisy stuck to the top of her blue hat. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. And, I knew that I was in trouble. It was an “Oh, my!” moment. And, trust me, “Oh, my!” moments come so goddamn few on our rotations around this sun.

But… as is everything in my life… it’s complicated. She is engaged. And, as it turns out, I am not quite the asshole that everyone thinks that I am… because I leave her alone. I do. Until… after a month when she breaks off her engagement.

And then I still don’t make a move because I know that there is time needed. We are casual friends, at best. We never spend time alone. And, when we do hang out it is always with a group of friends.

Then I leave school and move into an apartment in downtown Dallas. She leaves school shortly after and moves into another place on the other side of downtown.

And, for some reason we start talking almost every night. She worked at the Adams Mark Hotel in downtown, and when she would get off work, she would call me. And, we would talk for hours.

So,one night I tell her that I’ve always been interested in her and wanted it to be more, but that if she can’t tell that by my actions then maybe she isn’t as smart as I think she is, and maybe it’s not going to work out.

Here’s what she says… “I don’t know… we just happened so fast.”

What?! Are you kidding me?! We are a “we?!” When did that happen?! Because, according to my scorecard, the closest thing we had to an intimate moment was when we were at a picnic area at White Rock Lake Park and she was cooking hot dogs and I came up to help her and she wrapped her arm around me and brushed my hair out of my face.

But, I do kinda understand, or at least try to… because she was engaged when she came to college, and now it’s just a few months later. That has to be hard… so, I try to understand. Try, being the key word.

So, after that night I pull away, a little. I end up moving back to Houston. We stay in touch, but it‘s not the same. One night I get a call from a friend that asks me if I can help him “load in & out” for a friend’s band. They are playing in Dallas at The Orbit Room and need some help. I love these guys, so sure… I’m in.

So, we go come up to Dallas and get everything set up. But, we have time to kill.

And, this is where I become the coolest version of me ever… (which is not me… because I am rarely, if ever, cool)

I ask my friend to take me downtown… to the Adams Mark Hotel. I offer to buy him dinner and drinks… because Miranda (Name changed for obvious reasons) worked at the restaurant there.

So, we go… and she serves us. It was a slow night so she actually gets to sit down for a while and we chat and talk. And, then it is time for us to go and head back up to the show. I pay the tab to her, and then… and here is where it becomes almost “movie cool”… I grab her and kiss her… and it is a full-on kiss… and she kisses me back, for about a minute.

It was intense.

And, I hand her a note and say, “Don’t open this until after I leave.” And, then just walk away, and as I am passing the waiting area protium, I grab a mint, open it in one pop and throw it into my mouth.

We hit the escalators… and we are going down to ground level and my friend, David Sparks, looks at me and says, “That might be the coolest thing I have ever seen!”

But, sadly… it wasn’t.

Here’s the part of the note that I remember…

“I have a hundred things to do before I die. Kissing you, well, was one of them. I know this might not have meant much to you… and, yes, I know that you are dating someone else… and, yes, I get that this is inappropriate. But, here’s the deal… there are over 7 billion people on this planet… right now… and there have been billions before us. According to all science, our earth will sink into the sun one day. I only get so many few years here, on a planet that may not matter one day. But, for tonight… for just one moment… I wanted to make it matter… and kissing you was all that mattered… to me… right now. I hope you have an amazing life, and I hope that you get to live everyday as loud as you can.”

We talked a few times after that. I was already back in Houston. She said that she was going to marry the guy she was dating. She also said that she kissed me back because she had been waiting to kiss me for a long time, and she had to know.

So, we didn’t work out.

So, why is this a love story?

Because… not all love stories end with “happily ever after.” Some great love stories end with “what might have been” or “is this all we get?!”

Right now… I promise you… you are living a love story. It might not be right, it might not even be good, it might be sad or misunderstood… it might even come with a million warning labels… but, you are living one. You might think otherwise, for whatever reason. But, you are. Someone, somewhere, loves you more than you would ever know. Someone, somewhere, is waiting on you… even if you never met them… yet… yet.

Every… every goddamn life is a love story waiting to happen.

Love stories don’t come with a preset. There’s no pattern to the formula. I’m sorry… but, there’s not. But, we live on… and, hopefully, one day… make all our love stories come true.

Mistakes do not make a person… but, Love always will. So help me, God.

Author: senatorbrett

I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

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