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TOTD – Eating Bacon is a Personal Vendetta?!

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Thought of the Day – Eating Bacon is a Personal Vendetta?!

by Senator Brett

Having been knocked out with the swine flu several years ago, and then getting the flu again just a couple of weeks ago and realizing how much the flu has drained my body presently, as well as in the past… I have come to this conclusion.

Screw you, pigs! You wanna know why I eat so much bacon? It’s payback time, bitches! You gave me the flu and had me knocking on Death’s door, and then you have the gall to ask why I routinely make pork loin stuffed with goat cheese and jalapenos?! It’s because I now believe that every time I eat a pork product… I am helping to eliminate the enemy.

Also, you are very delicious.

And, I’m not sure which bird the bird flu comes from, but I am hoping it is either turkeys or chickens… because I have an open season on them, as well!

Have a good one, folks, and… as always, remember… it’s not the sudden stop at the end of the fall that kills you… it’s eating a pork sirloin steak at medium rare that will probably do you in.

Your Friendly Senator

This dude is delicious... and can also be deadly!

This dude is delicious… and can also be deadly!

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