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For A Few Dollars At High Noon?!


First of all, this is NOT a political post, at all. So, before anyone goes jumping up and down for thinking this is an attack on their political stance, or anyone’s political stance, stop… take a deep breath… and understand the words you are reading!

Now, on to the big tent show…

For A Few Dollars At High Noon?!

by Senator Brett

Over the last few days much has been made about Clint Eastwood’s wandering, sometimes incoherent, speech at the Republican National Convention. As far as speeches go, it was not a shining moment. It was sad, really. And a lot of people have taken their shots at Clint over this entertainment faux pas.

I, however, will not.

I will direct my attention to the people to whom it should be directed… his publicist and manager. So, here goes…

Dear People Who Work For Clint Eastwood,

You have a job. And from that job stems the responsibility to make sure that your client is presented in the best fashion for his career. Now normally, in Hollywood… this responsibility is a very loose thing. Sometimes it is okay for bad press. I get that. Some stars need it to jump start their career. However, you are in a unique position. You hold the career of an American Icon in your hands.

As a Clint fan I expect more from you. I’m sure you are very-well qualified in your respective industries; however, what occurred the other night was a failure of epic proportions.

First things first… who in the hell proofed that speech?! Whoever it was, you’re fired! And, if no one proofed that speech… whoever is responsible for that… well, you’re fired! This is Clint “mother licking” Eastwood! You don’t screw around with his legacy and persona.

Secondly, whenever the idea was proposed for an empty chair for Clint to mumble words and sounds at… uh, someone should have stepped in and said, “Really? Really?!” because that was a terrible idea. Am I the only one that is glad as hell that Obama wasn’t in the chair… because the debate between those two would have been a homicide?! And I want Clint to be “The Man” for a little while longer. Think, people, think… use your head.

Also… I may not be the PR geniuses that you happen to be, but I’m fairly certain that you don’t let your client go on national television and appear to be in the first stages of Dementia, while talking to an empty chair, when the very next public offering that the world will have of your client is him playing an old man who is in danger of being fired from his job for… uh… GOING BLIND AND BEING TOO OLD! (Trouble With The Curve… I can’t wait to see it. It looks great, BTW.) I’m going to be watching that movie and thinking the whole time, “Was this just ‘type’ casting?!”

Look, I may not agree with Eastwood’s political party or affiliations, but I sure as hell think of him as an American Icon. He is that quintessential tough guy that every American boy grew up wanting to be like, and that we emulated in all of our games of “Cowboys & Indians” and “The Old West.” And, no, I’m not in denial about his age and where he might be on a mental quickness level. But it’s not my job to make me forget that… it’s yours. So, do it!

That is my rant of the day… I hope you all are well. Have a wonderful Labor Day… and, no, I won’t end this with some cheesy line like, “You feeling lucky, punk? Make my Labor Day!”

Your Friendly Senator

Here’s your music for the day: 

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Author: senatorbrett

I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

19 thoughts on “For A Few Dollars At High Noon?!

  1. ahh I love Clint Eastwood. such a badass x

  2. Mother-licking… My new favorite phrase

  3. Great idea about holding Clint’s people accountable for their role in what happened (or what shouldn’t’ve happened). But let’s face it — if Clint was dead set on doing it His Way, any naysayers in his path would’ve been knocked right down anyway. Old age or not, I bet he can still take ’em.

  4. I heard that they only approved his talking points, and he asked for the chair from a stagehand at the last moment. It’s my impression that it was all a last minute decision. Knowing what little I do about the man, my bet would be that if he did have a PR guy, and that guy did say “this is going to make you sound crazy”, Clint would probably tell him to take a mother licking hike.

  5. Yeah, it was pure torture for me to see Clint up there rambling to a chair. I so agree with you. I came away feeling embarrassed for him and really ashamed the republicans used him like this. He has had sharper days. :-/

  6. Hi Senator Brett. I’ve got through that difficult period of change and have now emerged as Weddings Now and Then: Can’t wait for your photographs!!!! Agnes

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