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TOTD – “011011001” in Spanish, Of Course?!

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Disclaimer: I’m Mexican… so I’m allowed to say whatever I want about my own people!

Thought of the Day – “011011001” in Spanish, Of Course?!

by Senator Brett

I’ve noticed that I rarely can wait for a movie or album to be released on their scheduled dates. Oftentimes, I find myself watching the movie, or listening to the album, from online site. The other day I was thinking about this and I felt somewhat bad about myself… but then I thought, “If they didn’t want us to steal entertainment from online sources, then why would they let Mexicans have computers?!”

And let’s be honest here, folks… if the worst that is happening to the entertainment industry is that a couple thousand people might be watching movies online… I think we’re all walking away winners on this one. I mean, as of yet there hasn’t been any be-headings over the matter… as of yet… yet. Besides, if they didn’t want Mexicans to steal movies online they would make more movies about hockey and less movies about dancing.

Have a great one, folks!

Your Friendly Senator

Here is your music video… okay, well, not really a music video, but there’s a song to a picture. “The Lure Would Prove Too Much” by The Twilight Singers… just great, great.

“Impression, sunrise” by Claude Monet

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