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TOTD – Parental Discretion is Advised?!

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Okay, look… I know… I know… I need to develop a different sense of humor. For some reason, no matter what I try, my mind always leads to the sophomoric and low-brow. It’s where my brain lives, apparently. I promise to TRY to come up with clever and funny things that are wholesome and good, and I promise that I have been trying… it’s just not working out very well. At all. 🙂

Also, I think I will start posting videos in these entries with songs that are kinda blowing me away at the moment, or that I stumbled across and love, or… just songs that I have always loved and think that you should listen to because I said so. So it is written, so shall it be. 

And since I’ve been largely absent these last few weeks I am going to give you two TOTD’s. I know… I know… I am a giver! It’s just that what I am giving is usually not something people are interested in… like Chia Pets… or Libertarians. 🙂

Lastly, and this is MUY IMPORTANTE (which, as we all know, is Spanish for “superwichtig”)… the following TOTD’sare intended for mature audiences only. Parental discretion is advised. They do not reflect the opinion of management, nor it’s companies, subsidiaries, partners or any third-party affiliations. They are free to be used by any persons interested in doing so; however, management is not responsible for any fights, broken relationships or legal costs incurred by doing so. You have been aptly warned. Enjoy.

TOTD – Too Nervous, You Think?!

by Senator Brett

As most of you know… I am terrible with women. It’s horrible. Sad, really. My problem is that when I am around women that I find attractive my nervous anxiety combines with my natural sarcasm… that is then mixed in with my tendency to use off-beat humor as a defense/use-in-every-possible-situation mechanism. Just the other day a girl mentioned, “Your arms look nice.”… to which I replied, “If you think my arms look nice… you should see my penis!”

I am going to die alone… in a van… down by… you know what… forget it! I’m over it. I’m sure they’ll allow me back into the home group/Bible study again… someday. Maybe.

Your Friendly Senator

Not related to anything in this post. I just thought everyone should see this painting at least once in their lifetime. It’s by Oscar Kokoschka…”Thames and Hudson, London”

TOTD – It’s Not Fake if It’s Real to You!

by Senator Brett

Yesterday a friend showed me an article that says that more and more men are starting to fake their orgasms. After reading the article I thought that it seemed like a clever idea and seriously considered adopting the practice… but… then I realized… I don’t see the point in fooling myself that often!

Have a great one, folks! Be safe out there. And, as always, remember… don’t be faux!

Your Friendly Senator

Okay, here’s the music portion of today’s nonsense. Enjoy. Or Don’t. Whatever. However, I love this song.

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