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TOTD – Even Cows Know Better… Well, Not ALL Cows… Just the Really Smart Onez!

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Strap in, folks… this might get rough… 🙂

Thought of the Day – Even Cows Know Better… Well, Not ALL Cows… Just the Really Smart Onez!

by Senator Brett

This will be my only (God hopes) post about Chick-fil-A-GAYt (trademark SB 2012… I’m hilarious! Someone send that to Jon Stewart!) I agree with this chick (in the video below) on most of her points. Pretty much the only thing that I don’t agree with her on is that not accepting other people means “hate”… I believe that it can also mean “ignorance”, maybe even “stupidity”, and not always “hate”. (Although, in most cases it is hate, I’m just saying that it is not always the case.) It can be as simple as “innocuous ignorance”… like how mentally challenged people don’t understand advanced math and chemistry… it’s not their fault… and it’s not because they hate those things… it is just the way it is.

I will say that I hope that a lot of people who begin to watch the video and then feel the urge to stop, mostly because the principle of their rhetoric is being attacked with common sense, thought and a little bit more truth than they expected… well, I hope that you understand… I get it… it’s hard to change your opinion, even when it is abundantly clear that your argument is shallow. I am that way all the time!!! I still believe that Rocky won that first fight with Apollo Creed!

Oh, and my final thought… remember your history, people. We are a scant fifty-to-sixty years removed from preachers using the Bible, and the pulpit, to support racism in America… especially in my much beloved South. Being wrong then… is no different from being wrong now.

And, I say this with absolutely no sarcasm… God bless us, all, each and every one… and may God truly bless us more when we stop using His name to push our own private agendas, and stop using His name to defend our own ignorance.

Here is the video: 

Be safe everyone… and live in peace… or at the very least, try to.

Your Friendly Senator

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