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TOTD – I Got Your Equal Rights Right Here!

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a true statement or news report! I repeat… this is NOT a true statement or news report!!! I peat.. it’s just humorous… and kinda sad that it could have been a true statement and news report.

Thought of the Day – I Got Your Equal Rights Right Here!

by Senator Brett

From the A-Holed News Press

(Madison, Wisconsin) – Wisconsin State Governor, Scott Walker, met with state legislators today to address the opinion that the state might be losing a public relations perception battle over the issue of Equal Rights. He said that he expected his office had aptly handled the situation by issuing the following statement: “Now that ‘Magic Mike’ has been released… we can all agree that true equality of the sexes has taken place. We men have our little discretionary films of T&A… and now women have their movie of biceps and abs. I, personally, find it a great social justice that our entertainment values are on the same playing field.”

However, his statement seemed to come across as disingenuous when a camera accidentally caught him whispering to an aide, “Just look at all the money that women are gladly spending on that movie… now, just imagine how much more cash they would waste if we paid them the same wage as men!”

Thank you… have a nice day!

Your Friendly Senator

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