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TOTD – In Entertainment News…

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Since it’s Friday and I realize that I’ve been pretty much slacking on the ol’ “Writing needless thoughts out so that my friends, family and random strangers can ignore them like they would if I said them aloud… while they stood right next to me… and I were on my deathbed… I thought, “Hey, why not a couple of TOTD’s”, which was followed by the next natural thought, “Who can I piss off today?”

So, here goes…

Thought of the Day #1 – My Movie Reviews: Part I

by Senator Brett

In entertainment news… two well-anticipated movies are opening this weekend, and it is almost assured that they will battle it out for Top Spot of the rating polls, as well as box-office draw. Their names… “Ted” and “Magic Mike, respectfully. And, I will break them down for you.

The first is a movie about a fictional character whose actions are often vulgar and profane. It appears that his character is self-obsessed to a fault, with little regard for his owner, or others. He comes across as an adolescent with a drinking problem and insecurity issues. While his character abounds in charm, as the movie progresses it’s hard to not feel an eventual meltdown coming on. Sure, there are moments when you find the main character to be loveable and “cuddly”, but those small moments are far outweighed by the uneasiness that one gets while watching a train wreck take place.

The other movie is “Ted.”

Have a good one, folks!

Your Friendly Senator

Thought of the Day #2 – Last Night’s Rant/TOTD

by Senator Brett

Xbox down, nada on the tele… so I thought, “Who can I piss off on FB?! Here goes…

Look, ladies, I get it. Most of you may, or may not, be sexually frustrated. But, you know what?! It’s not MY fault! (hopefully!) So, on behalf of ALL of the Facebook population… STOP posting wall photos and status updates of Magic Mike. We get it! You’re gonna go see it! Fine! Good! GO! But, for the sake of Pete, enough of the pics and the oh-so-clever tag line of, “I can’t wait!”

And, no… this is NOT a jealous thing, but, let’s be honest here… if this was a movie about female strippers, instead of the unchecked flow of pics and updates on FB, we’d have women’s rights activist groups protesting this movie faster than you can say, “Gloria Allred”! There hasn’t been this much excitement about a Matthew McConaughey movie since someone suggested there might be a sequel to “Dazed & Confused”! And critics haven’t sung the praises of a Channum Tatum (probably incorrect, but not relevant enough to even google) performance since… well, EVER! So, go see it. Enjoy it. Go see it again. Buy the DVD. Do whatever the hell you want. But, whatever you do… NEVER EVER, ever, ever, ever… roll your eyes again when I tell you that what happened in Vegas stayed there… so get over it!

Let the hate comments commence!

Your Friendly Senator

Kinda Serious Thought of the Day – Help Great Actors and Their Projects

by Senator Brett

For those of you that don’t know… I am a huge fan of the show “Southland”, which now airs on TNT. The last couple of seasons I was blown away by the performance of Michael Cudlitz (you may know him as a character actor in a shitload of tele shows and movies). So, a while back I thought I’d join up on his Facebook fan page so I could catch the latest news on Southland and see if it is getting picked up again for another season.

On a lark I messaged the admin of the page concerning my feelings about the show, it’s cast, and especially Mr. Cudlitz’s performance. I did so in my normal “Senator” way (sarcasm). To my surprise, Michael messaged me back himself… and even somewhat implied that I am funny.


All kidding aside… two things…

1. If you haven’t watched Southland, you should go catch up on previous seasons. Cudlitz’s performance is Emmy worthy, at least nomination worthy, at the very least.

2. He’s in an upcoming indie film and he asked if his fans could help spread the word. After watching the trailer… I’m gonna help spread the word… a dozen people at a time!

Here is a link to the movie trailer:

Not for children… so make sure the kiddos are elsewhere… like good American kids, parked in front of a tele with a video game controller in one hand and a “King-Sized” Snicker’s bar in the other!

So, that’s all for today. I hope and trust that this finds everyone… and finds everyone faring well. Have a good one, y’all!

Your Friendly Senator

And, yes, I know… I’d be a bastard if I didn’t give you pics on this post… so here ya go! Also, if you liked this post, thought it was funny or clever, want more of it, or would like to know when I post things because it let’s you know where I am and therefore places to avoid, please, feel free to “follow” and/or “like” my Facebook page. Thank you… have whatever the hell kind of day you want!

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