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TOTD – Does He Love You?!

Per my normal pattern… I apologize to anyone this offends. I would love to come up with less offensive thoughts… but, my mind just won’t work them out.

Thought of the Day – Does He Love You?!

by Senator Brett

A LONG while back, a friend and I were at Bennigan’s for a late night snack, a couple of drinks and to watch a basketball game. All of the sudden we heard people singing “Happy Birthday” across the bar. We look across and there is this couple sitting at one of the bar tables… and the waiters were giving the girl a cake and singing to her. My friend, being a typical Southern girl, said, Continue reading


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TOTD – Heavenly Mexicans!

As usual, I apologize if this offends anyone. I mean no disrespect to you, your race, your friends or family. I do, however, intend to offend my own personal self and family!

Thought of the Day – Heavenly Mexicans!

by Senator Brett

Last night my niece was explaining to me that if you love Jesus that you will go to Heaven when you die and live in a big house on a street made of pure gold. She was extremely excited about this prospect and told me that I should love Jesus so I can go to Heaven and have a big house on a street of gold, too.

And, it got me to thinking… Continue reading

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TOTD – Choose Wisely!

Thought of the Day – Choose Wisely!

by Senator Brett  

How come people in movies, who are getting their ass kicked due to the following: a) being outnumbered, b) the other person having a weapon, or c) the other person possessing supernatural strength or powers… always yell things like, “Hey, why don’t you fight me like a man?!” or, “Get rid of your friends, and fight me one-on-one, like a man!”

I don’t know about you people, Continue reading


TOTD – Don’t Forget Me!

Okay, before you read any further, please, regard this brief disclaimer…

Disclaimer: I know that what I am about to talk about is a horrible disease that effects the lives of many. And, I also know that it is a terrible thing to see someone that you love struggle through this heart-breaking illness. I know that. I have seen it firsthand several times. But I also know that if you don’t stop every once in a while to look for the Humor in even the sad things in life… then this world has a way of swallowing you whole. So, if what I’m about to say offends anyone… I sincerely apologize. But I also hope that there are some that might see the laughter that can sometimes be found on the other side of all the sh*t that we will never of be able to make sense of… like terrible diseases. 

Thought of the Day – Don’t Forget Me!

by Senator Brett

Last night I found myself thinking that I should start up an internet dating service for people with Alzheimer’s Disease. I’d call it Continue reading


TOTD – Your Late Cinco de Mayo Version!

As per my usual… I apologize to everyone I will offend with today’s TOTD. But, in all honesty… I’m over it already!  Because, I’m mostly Mexican… not Hispanic-American, just plain ol’, good ol’ Mexican! True, I am probably more white than most of y’all. I grew up “gringo!”… and not like “Texas Gringo” (even though we lived in Cut N’ Shoot, TX… no, like white white… the people who adopted me were the shade of white that is like “hide from the sun, it may kill us” white!) But, I still reserve the right to make fun of my own people… ALL of my own people, whites, Mexicans, rednecks… and even blacks, or African-Americans… depending on where you went to school!

Thought of the Day – Your Late Cinco de Mayo Version!

by Senator Brett

I once read that spicy foods are one of nature’s more powerful aphrodisiacs. At first I thought that this information must be a huge mistake, or maybe just a joke.

But, it got me thinking… Continue reading

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TOTD – They Giveth… & They Taketh Away!

Again, as usual, I apologize to everyone that this may offended. I would think that by now everyone would understand that I don’t intend to make fun of anyone’s religion, creed, sexual identity, or disability… unless, of course, you are Canadian, and then I don’t really care what you “Upper Americans” think. 🙂

Thought of the Day – They Giveth… & They Taketh Away!

by Senator Brett

There’s a new company called, Western Sky Financial. It is a Native American-owned company operated on a Sioux reservation in Nevada. One of the services that they offer is quick cash advancement loans. They say that acquiring one of their loans is one of the easiest things to do.

And, it got me to thinking… Continue reading