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TOTD – Reading Urine Is Hard To Do!

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Thought of the Day – Reading Urine Is Hard To Do!

by Senator Brett

The other day I saw a commercial for an at-home pregnancy test. The commercial inferred that their particular product is superior to others because, as they put it, “1 in 4 women often misread a home pregnancy test.”

So, it got me to thinking…

I know that there are some test results that are hard to read and require an extensive education… like an EKG, or the lab results from a kinetic energy missile test site… but, outside of that… really?! You mean to tell me that 25% of women can’t tell pink from blue?!  Do that many women not know a minus sign from a “Oh my God, I’m not ready for this!” sign?!

Look, I’m not trying to play “expert” here, but I’m fairly certain that the hardest part of the at-home pregnancy test is trying to keep the pee off of your hands. I know this because, once, on a lonely Saturday night, after about half a fifth of Uncle Joe’s Home Peach Brandy/Ethanol … I took several at-home pregnancy tests… you know, for scientific purposes. And trust me… that was the hardest part of the testing process… well, other than trying to explain to my ex-girlfriend why she came home and I was sitting on the couch watching Forensic Files on TruTV, completely pants-less and with several empty EPT packages scattered here and there.

On the other hand… perhaps I am wrong… it could be that 1-in-4 women happen to be colorblind.

Hope you are all well. Go ye therefore and multiply… and try not to pee on your hands!

Your Friendly Senator

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