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Multiple TOTD’s – You Can Never Think Too Much!

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Since it is Memorial Day I thought it best to dole out three TOTD’s. My thinking… it was a three-day-weekend… why not a three-thought-post. I don’t know why I am telling you this other than to point out that I am good at math. 
Thought of the Day – Living Life Like a Country Song
by Senator Brett
Tim McGraw keeps telling me to live like I was dying… so today I walked around all day clutching my chest and gasping for air. I have to tell ya… although I didn’t get anything more out of enjoying the moment and living life to its fullest… I did get offered several cough drops and one free ride to the ER… so, well, that was nice.
Thought of the Day – It’s All How You Interpit Things!
by Senator Brett
For some strange reason I’ve been recieving a number of emails and comments from beautiful women saying that they “think I’m funny” or I “make them laugh” or they “own a bottle of pepper spray”… so I’ve decided that from now on… Funny = Hot, Laugh = Horny, and Pepper Spray = Fine Wine.
And I am not taking my injury as the end/all/be/all.
Your Friendly Senator

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I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

One thought on “Multiple TOTD’s – You Can Never Think Too Much!

  1. I know it’s not formatted correctly. I copied from my email account. I know better now. I’m too lazy to go through the trouble of transferring it over to Word and fixing it!

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