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TOTD – Does He Love You?!


Per my normal pattern… I apologize to anyone this offends. I would love to come up with less offensive thoughts… but, my mind just won’t work them out.

Thought of the Day – Does He Love You?!

by Senator Brett

A LONG while back, a friend and I were at Bennigan’s for a late night snack, a couple of drinks and to watch a basketball game. All of the sudden we heard people singing “Happy Birthday” across the bar. We look across and there is this couple sitting at one of the bar tables… and the waiters were giving the girl a cake and singing to her. My friend, being a typical Southern girl, said, “Awww… that’s so sweet!”

To which I replied, “If it’s your birthday and your boyfriend brings you to Bennigan’s to celebrate, then all he is really saying is, ‘I don’t love you anymore!'”

So, it got me to thinking…

Ladies, here’s a clue… if it’s your birthday and your guy takes you to a four star restaurant what he is saying is, “I love you, and I know I don’t show you enough. I will try to do better.” If he takes you to Bennigan’s he is saying, “I feel the need to see other people.” And… if it’s your birthday and your boyfriend takes you to Applebee’s… he is saying, “I am sleeping with your best friend and/or little sister!”

Again, sorry if this offends anyone… but it is my standard mode of operation. Have a good one, folks!

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I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

2 thoughts on “TOTD – Does He Love You?!

  1. Good point. I once had a boyfriend take me to a TGIFridays on my birthday. It was a sign.

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