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TOTD – Who’s Your Master?!

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I thought that all of us could use a break when it comes to finding our own flaws.

Thought of the Day  – Who’s Your Master?!

by Senator Brett

In today’s day and age it appears that the most common form of communication is the simple act of text messaging. This really doesn’t come as a surprise to me. It’s easy. It’s handy. And, it involves little personal interaction. So, imagine my shock when the other night when I had an epiphany… that I got from a text message conversation.

My friend, Penny, and I were discussing how I had just texted something pretty dumb. I explained that I knew it was dumb as I was texting it, but that I couldn’t stop myself. She texted me back with, “Sometimes my dumb controls me, too.” And, that’s when it hit me…

I am my Dumb’s little bitch. Seriously, like full-on, wear-this-orange-jump-suit prison bitch! Whatever my Dumb says… I do it. Have been for years, for all my life it turns out. I just never realized until that sweet informative text pointed it out to me. I went to my closet and went through all the cool shirts that I bought in the last five years and thought, “Oh, Dumb… you are a vicious unforgiving prankster!”

But, on the other hand, it made me feel good as well. I mean, was it me that decided to destroy my life by placing my entire life’s savings on the “red” when I was in Vegas, or was I merely following orders? And, was it my fault that it wasn’t even a roulette table, but rather back-alley betting over the outcome of the fight for the American West? I dunno. All I do know is that there might be a lot of things in my life that now make sense.

And, let’s be honest here, folks. I don’t want to post this TOTD, but I’m not in control!

Have a safe one out there.

Your Friendly Senator

Author: senatorbrett

I guess the best term to describe me is "Tex-Mex... at its best and worst!" I am a native Houstonian who loves all things "sports", Spanish red wines, cooking, hoppy beers, women with low standards, way too much television, watching movies on rainy days and using the term "the cat's pajamas" even when it doesn't make much sense.

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